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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Soccer Mom

Since I first found out I was pregnant seven years ago this month, I have always been excited for the time period in which I would get to be the soccer mom. And we are finally here!!!! Damon started soccer last month and has been playing every Saturday morning. They have only won one game, but none of them really care. They have all had a blast playing and it is so neat to see Damon be on a team.

He started practice back in April. They have practice two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday. At first, I wanted to stick around and make sure he was being good during practice, but by week 2, I realized that it was just me that needed to be there. So I started just leaving him at practice and going for a walk, or to the park with Lili.  He is much better without me there.

Game days are so much fun!!!  He has his cleats and shin guards on and his team shirt. They have a huddle at the beginning of the game and then they all just play their hardest. They are really very good about not using hands and making sure to keep the ball on their side of the field.  Goalie is a difficult position at this age, but Damon really enjoys playing goalie.

His first game you could see the nervous feelings on his face. But he got out on the field and never let us down. He plays fair and really just gets into the game.  He loves to play all the positions and by the fourth quarter, he is pooped from all the running.

I am so proud that I am raising a child to be a team player and one that doesn't worry about winning or losing. He is there to have fun!

There are only two games left of the season and this soccer mom is already going to miss it!  I am hoping that next year he will want to go out again, but it will not be forced. Lili will be of age to play as well, so we may have two little soccer stars in the family!!!


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