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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Program

To a four year old, things that are exciting can be something out of this world. For my daughter, it was THE PROGAM.

The history......................

Back when Damon was in preschool, Lili was just the tag along. When Damon had school events, she would come with me and watch from the sidelines with me, never getting to participate.  We started Damon in a 3 year old preschool class in which he was in heaven. He enjoyed every single day of preschool. And in the spring, at the end of the school year, they hosted a program for the kids. Each class would sing 2-3 songs and it was just a fun thing for the kids to do at the end of the year to show their progress.  Our school tapes the programs and sells the dvds to the family for a small price. 

We tried to enroll Lili in the same class when she turned three. However, she failed to enjoy the class like Damon did. She cried every day when I dropped her off. She hated it. So after a month we pulled her out. That was Damon's year in the four year preschool class.   His teacher is who Lili has currently.

Well, at the end of the year they hosted the program again. This time, Lili became infatuated with the program. And I am not talking just a normal healthy love for the music. This girl was OBSESSED! She watched the dvd day in and day out. She knew all of the lyrics to all of the songs, including the hand motions. She knew which class did which song and everything.

Fast forward to this fall. We enrolled her in the four year old preschool program and Damon moved to Kindergarten.  She was lucky enough to get the same teacher that Damon had.  And in the first few weeks, the teacher wore a beautiful necklace to school. And only my daughter recognized the necklace as the one she had worn the night of the program the previous spring. I am not joking. She ran up to the teacher and said (and I quote) "Mrs. H, Mrs. wore that necklace at the program!!!!"  And Mrs. H was BLOWN away that she remembered that.  So I had to explain how amazed she was for the program and how I think the only reason she came back to preschool was because she wanted to be in that program! LOL

So fast forward to this spring......the program has arrived. They have been practicing songs for months now. She let it slip which songs they were doing, so I was able to find video clips on YouTube for her to watch and help her do the hand motions. The big day arrives......

She gets to get all dolled up, hair cut and all. She puts on her pretty red dress and matching shoes. I put just a hint of make up on just to make her feel extra special. She is glowing like this is her wedding day! I am not joking!! She has been waiting all year to do this program.

We all gather in the auditorium and wait for the kids to come on stage. The lights go dim, the music starts and here they come!! They march down to the stage singing a song together. Lili never looked so proud!

The kids all did  a really great job!!!!  Lili's class sang the songs "I am a Pizza" and "Slippery Fish".  She did everything perfect!!!! We could hear her from where we sat and we were so very proud!!!

On the way home, I mentioned that now that she would be going to kindergarten, she would never have another preschool program and she got a look on her face that was so funny. She looked at me and said, yes I will next year. And I had to remind her that she won't be in preschool next year but in Kindergarten. I explained that she would have a graduation from Kindergarten and that she would have a program for that and then everything was fine again.

It has now been 2 weeks since the program and we finally got the DVD back from her teacher. And of course, we watch it every single day! She is so proud of herself for singing and being a good girl on stage. But she loves to watch her friends even more.

I can't believe that this is it. My babies are all out of preschool.  School comes to an end next week and we will say good bye to preschool and hello Kindergarten!

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