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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden time!!!

So now that I am almost done with the garden I thought I would share what we are doing this year!!

The kids are super excited about the garden and love getting in the dirt with mom.  Last year we had a nice garden, but because I was working two jobs, it was poorly taken care of and I didn't get near as much out of it as I wanted. So this year, now that I have a bit more free time, I am diving right in and growing all sorts of goodies!!!

So this year our list includes for veggies:
green beans
tomato plant
for the fruits this year we decided just to keep the strawberry patch
and for my herb garden this year:
cat grass





We should have a pretty good crop this year and I can't wait to watch it start to grow. Our strawberry patch is blooming already and is huge this year!! Two weeks ago I planted most of the herbs. Tonight we did the carrots and onions and tomorrow night I will finish up with the green beans and dill and cat grass. The kids helped dig the rows, place the seeds, cover and top with organic natural fertilizer.  This is locally made and extremely safe for kids and pets. There are NO chemicals and it is really plant friendly. The stuff works amazing!!!

I am super excited to get to see how the herbs turn out. Last year I did a batch of basil and it has been amazing to cook with. I am even more excited now that I have some really good herbs going and can't wait to start cooking with fresh herbs out of the garden!!!!!  I also can't wait to get to the local farmer's market this year to take advantage of fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies. More people need to get down to the farmer's markets and buy from them. Almost all of the them are organic, chemical free and great tasting locally grown food.  Can't ask for better!!!

If we all took advantage of local farmer's markets to buy our fruits and veggies, this would save a ton of fuel every year for the transportation of fruits and veggies across the country. And now with recent studies showing that certain pesticides cause ADHD in children, you can bet I am not buying my fruits and veggies from our local store again.  People need to start paying attention to what they eat, read labels, check out where your food comes from. Grow your own in your yard. If you live in an area where you don't have room for a big garden, look into community gardens. These are places where you can rent spaces to build a garden. Most of the time people will have it all ready to go for you, you just need to get in there and plant and take care of the crops.

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