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To be a mom is the most rewarding job in the whole world. But it can also be the most difficult. Motherhood and Beyond is peeping into the world of being a mom, but at the same time a wife, a friend and much more. Life doesn't always go easy and some may not know it now, but there is nothing more precious than life. So I welcome you to join us. Follow in our daily routines, our special activities and just enjoy the ride!! TO MOTHERHOOD AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Working From Home Series, part 1 SURVEYS

 Many people have asked me how to find the work at home things that I participate in. So I thought I would put something up for all you mommies out there in cyber-land to get you in on the goods!!!

First things first, never EVER pay to work. If it is legitimate, you shouldn't be paying to work. In some cases like Avon or Beachbody you have to pay monthly dues to have access to their marketing tools and websites. But in cases of mom's wanting to stay at home, you shouldn't be paying a website to work.  Also, never give out any information unless you can verify that the information is going to a source that is important and trustworthy.

So this post will be the first in a series of work at home ideas.  I will start simple, only because I don't have a huge amount of time tonight. So this series is going to be based on surveys and the ones that are worth taking, the crap ones and the really super amazing ones to get in on.  I of course, will be benefiting from this post because all links that I will be providing are my personal links. So when you click and sign up, I will get something in return. This is a huge impact in the survey community and this his how many people get so much out of these survey companies. By signing up everyone on their Facebook account gives them tons of points and all of that. Many survey companies will only give you so many referrals now so I will post my links and no matter what they will give you access to the information, and I will get my maximum amount of referrals to the company.

Okay so here is the list of current survey companies who allow you to sign up and take surveys. These surveys are sent to you via email, postal mail and some are even over the phone. This list is from A-B. I am trying to break it into groups so my posts aren't lost in links!

20/20 Research
Advanced Focus
AC Nielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel
Avery Advisors
Alpha Buzz
Advantage Research ©
American Consumer Opinion©
Acronis Beta Testing
AnswerNet MRC
Atkins Research Group Inc.
Adler-Weiner Research • Focus Groups in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.
Amplitude Research
AOL Opinion Place
Advocate Advisory Panel
African American Voice
Boulder Focus Center • Focus Groups in Boulder, CO. Street Solutions
Big Fish Games ~ Computer Gaming Surveys & Research
Brand Institute
Beta Research Corporation
BeginSurvey Inc.
Blarry House Research
Bellwether Surveys
BRX Research

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Start Rite Shoes!!!

Since my children could walk the biggest problem we have had is finding shoes that not only fit, but look good and last a long time.  I am never worried about brand names with my kids, but more worried about quality. My kids are constantly on the go, outside riding bikes, playing at recess and taking walks with me and Ryan.  And trying to find shoes that are not only comfortable but last a while is such a hard thing to do especially in Ida Grove.

We have one shoe store and the prices are unreal. I can't afford $70 shoes for my kids, especially when they out grow them in less than 6 months and the shoes just don't stay nice enough to spend that much money on.  The only other place in town that sells shoes is a place called Pamida. This is like a pre-Walmart type of store. They have nice shoes, but the quality is not great and the prices are not really that great either. Sometimes you can get them on sale, but they last like four months and start to fall apart.  I cannot have my children's shoes falling apart when they are constantly on their feet! I need strong support for their growing little toes!!!

So I was told to check out this website:
These shoes are AMAZING!!!! Just check out some of the cute styles they have for not only girls but boys as well! And the selection is just awesome. You can find shoes for every event, from school shoes to rain boots! The prices are great, the selection is even better and they have these awesome sales that really get you some good deals. Right now there is even a contest to win free shoes for a YEAR. I am not joking, free shoes for a YEAR!

As a mom, you can't get better than good shoes at great prices with the best selection around! You can order shoes and have them shipped to just about any part of the world you want! So if you are looking for some great shoes, great prices with great quality, check out the website.  I am glad that I did and I can't wait for the shoes to get here! Lili even picked out her own pair to wear. Oh yea...and if you worry about sizing, they even have a tool that you can get to size your child's feet at home!!! No more sitting in those uncomfortable end booths trying on pair after pair of shoes with running, screaming children all around.

boy's shoes

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Growing up, Father's Day always meant Dad getting to get up early, and go fishing all day long with nobody bothering him. And when he arrived home, a huge meal was ready with his favorite foods and we all had to leave Dad alone the rest of the night. The day was his.  But his alone.  We didn't celebrate except for the early morning gifts made at home or bought by Mom on our weekly grocery shopping trip without Dad.

Now that we have kids of our own Father's Day has such a different meaning. My husband doesn't get to run off all alone on that day.  We celebrate with a huge breakfast while he is getting to sleep in.  Then we spend the day together as a family celebrating the joy of him being a father.

I have noticed that Father's Day like many other holidays has gotten to be so commercialized. Huge electronic gifts, grills or cars for dad. What happened to fishing lures or a box of his favorite candy?  And people wonder why they are broke all the time. 

If more families took out the gifts, they could save THOUSANDS of dollars a year.  Birthdays, anniversaries, or special holidays like Mothers/Fathers Day are not meant for giving extravegent gifts. They are meant to be celebrated with family and friends. They are meant as a celebration of life. Not about gift giving.

This year my husband is getting a package of his favorite licorice and homemade cards from the kids as well as a nice big breakfast.  And then we will spend the day enjoying our family. Sure he might get to lay in bed and watch a movie, but he deserves that. He works 50 plus hours a week and still comes home and finds time to play with the kids or do a load of laundry.

I love him for being such a wonderful father. I couldn't ask for more!

T-Ball and the FENCE

So Damon had another T-ball game on Friday night.  The teams are getting to be such good players, remembering to throw to first base, running home when the last batter hits and the most important part, teamwork.

Being my son, we always knew that he would be the one to get hurt, somehow, no matter what the event, he would be the one to get hurt.  So far he has not let us down!  And Friday was no different.

Now you may be thinking, oh the ball must have hit him or he fell down running the bases. NOPE!  The poor child was chasing after the ball and ran INTO the fence, splitting open his forehead and leaving a nice little bruise as well.  Of course he was upset that he didn't see the fence and was embarrassed but he got up, shook it off and went back to first base.

Everyone clapped for him and he felt a little bad that he completely missed the ball.  But the game continued and he forgot all about it.

Going to my children's activities has always been so much fun. The only downer about going to these activities is the other people that are there.  Some who bring family drama, some who come already drunk or some who don't show up at all but we hear about their non-presence throughout the entire game.
As a parent, I am ashamed of all the parents who come to these games to socialize and not cheer their child on.  Why put your child into a sport if you aren't going to support them.  Stand up and cheer when they are running bases, know when to keep quiet, like right when they are getting ready to swing the bat you don't scream something at your child.

Growing up I never realized how inconsiderate other parents really are and always wondered why my parents didn't have many friends in the town we lived in. But now as a parent, I realize that how people act in public really makes or breaks a friendship.  Some of the people at the ball game were not even paying attention to the game and their children were playing.  I am not asking parents to get right up to the fence and cheer and scream loudly for their children.  But just standing around talking to your friends while your child hits the ball doesn't show the child you care. It shows them that you care enough to come, but only because you have to.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Ties

 Many times in life you find yourself at a standstill.  You have goals, but no idea how to start achieving them.  Are you looking to lose weight? Learn to eat healthier?  Do you need someone to help you out in the motivation department? If so, I have just the person for you!!!!!!!! (man do I sound like a HSN chick! LOL)

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to my cousin Rita. She is an amazing woman who has come so far in life! She has recently lost over 100 pounds!!!!! She is such an inspiration and also is a motivated Beach Body coach!!!  So I thought I would share with everyone her website, which will also become a permanent link on my side bar.

So check it out!!!

She also is an Avon consultant so if you need anything from Avon, check her out!!!!
AVON Representative

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Support Your Farmers Markets!!!

This is such a huge deal for everyone. I wish more people would take the time to go visit their local farmer's markets. You can find such amazing food and at great prices! Fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and there are sometimes even things like meat and eggs there. Everyone needs to take the time to go visit at least once a month and stock up on fresh food. Many of these places support organic and local growing so gather the family and head down to the local farmer's markets!!!