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Saturday, June 19, 2010

T-Ball and the FENCE

So Damon had another T-ball game on Friday night.  The teams are getting to be such good players, remembering to throw to first base, running home when the last batter hits and the most important part, teamwork.

Being my son, we always knew that he would be the one to get hurt, somehow, no matter what the event, he would be the one to get hurt.  So far he has not let us down!  And Friday was no different.

Now you may be thinking, oh the ball must have hit him or he fell down running the bases. NOPE!  The poor child was chasing after the ball and ran INTO the fence, splitting open his forehead and leaving a nice little bruise as well.  Of course he was upset that he didn't see the fence and was embarrassed but he got up, shook it off and went back to first base.

Everyone clapped for him and he felt a little bad that he completely missed the ball.  But the game continued and he forgot all about it.

Going to my children's activities has always been so much fun. The only downer about going to these activities is the other people that are there.  Some who bring family drama, some who come already drunk or some who don't show up at all but we hear about their non-presence throughout the entire game.
As a parent, I am ashamed of all the parents who come to these games to socialize and not cheer their child on.  Why put your child into a sport if you aren't going to support them.  Stand up and cheer when they are running bases, know when to keep quiet, like right when they are getting ready to swing the bat you don't scream something at your child.

Growing up I never realized how inconsiderate other parents really are and always wondered why my parents didn't have many friends in the town we lived in. But now as a parent, I realize that how people act in public really makes or breaks a friendship.  Some of the people at the ball game were not even paying attention to the game and their children were playing.  I am not asking parents to get right up to the fence and cheer and scream loudly for their children.  But just standing around talking to your friends while your child hits the ball doesn't show the child you care. It shows them that you care enough to come, but only because you have to.

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