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Friday, June 25, 2010

Working From Home Series, part 1 SURVEYS

 Many people have asked me how to find the work at home things that I participate in. So I thought I would put something up for all you mommies out there in cyber-land to get you in on the goods!!!

First things first, never EVER pay to work. If it is legitimate, you shouldn't be paying to work. In some cases like Avon or Beachbody you have to pay monthly dues to have access to their marketing tools and websites. But in cases of mom's wanting to stay at home, you shouldn't be paying a website to work.  Also, never give out any information unless you can verify that the information is going to a source that is important and trustworthy.

So this post will be the first in a series of work at home ideas.  I will start simple, only because I don't have a huge amount of time tonight. So this series is going to be based on surveys and the ones that are worth taking, the crap ones and the really super amazing ones to get in on.  I of course, will be benefiting from this post because all links that I will be providing are my personal links. So when you click and sign up, I will get something in return. This is a huge impact in the survey community and this his how many people get so much out of these survey companies. By signing up everyone on their Facebook account gives them tons of points and all of that. Many survey companies will only give you so many referrals now so I will post my links and no matter what they will give you access to the information, and I will get my maximum amount of referrals to the company.

Okay so here is the list of current survey companies who allow you to sign up and take surveys. These surveys are sent to you via email, postal mail and some are even over the phone. This list is from A-B. I am trying to break it into groups so my posts aren't lost in links!

20/20 Research
Advanced Focus
AC Nielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel
Avery Advisors
Alpha Buzz
Advantage Research ©
American Consumer Opinion©
Acronis Beta Testing
AnswerNet MRC
Atkins Research Group Inc.
Adler-Weiner Research • Focus Groups in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.
Amplitude Research
AOL Opinion Place
Advocate Advisory Panel
African American Voice
Boulder Focus Center • Focus Groups in Boulder, CO. Street Solutions
Big Fish Games ~ Computer Gaming Surveys & Research
Brand Institute
Beta Research Corporation
BeginSurvey Inc.
Blarry House Research
Bellwether Surveys
BRX Research

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