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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Start Rite Shoes!!!

Since my children could walk the biggest problem we have had is finding shoes that not only fit, but look good and last a long time.  I am never worried about brand names with my kids, but more worried about quality. My kids are constantly on the go, outside riding bikes, playing at recess and taking walks with me and Ryan.  And trying to find shoes that are not only comfortable but last a while is such a hard thing to do especially in Ida Grove.

We have one shoe store and the prices are unreal. I can't afford $70 shoes for my kids, especially when they out grow them in less than 6 months and the shoes just don't stay nice enough to spend that much money on.  The only other place in town that sells shoes is a place called Pamida. This is like a pre-Walmart type of store. They have nice shoes, but the quality is not great and the prices are not really that great either. Sometimes you can get them on sale, but they last like four months and start to fall apart.  I cannot have my children's shoes falling apart when they are constantly on their feet! I need strong support for their growing little toes!!!

So I was told to check out this website:
These shoes are AMAZING!!!! Just check out some of the cute styles they have for not only girls but boys as well! And the selection is just awesome. You can find shoes for every event, from school shoes to rain boots! The prices are great, the selection is even better and they have these awesome sales that really get you some good deals. Right now there is even a contest to win free shoes for a YEAR. I am not joking, free shoes for a YEAR!

As a mom, you can't get better than good shoes at great prices with the best selection around! You can order shoes and have them shipped to just about any part of the world you want! So if you are looking for some great shoes, great prices with great quality, check out the website.  I am glad that I did and I can't wait for the shoes to get here! Lili even picked out her own pair to wear. Oh yea...and if you worry about sizing, they even have a tool that you can get to size your child's feet at home!!! No more sitting in those uncomfortable end booths trying on pair after pair of shoes with running, screaming children all around.

boy's shoes

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