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To be a mom is the most rewarding job in the whole world. But it can also be the most difficult. Motherhood and Beyond is peeping into the world of being a mom, but at the same time a wife, a friend and much more. Life doesn't always go easy and some may not know it now, but there is nothing more precious than life. So I welcome you to join us. Follow in our daily routines, our special activities and just enjoy the ride!! TO MOTHERHOOD AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



I am finally getting a chance to get back into the blogging world. I have missed it so very much.  So let's catch up.

Back in February I got a great job offer to work in the town we live in. After living here for 9 years, I finally got a job here in town! I quit my job that I was driving 30 miles one way to and started my new job. I really really enjoy what I do now. The only downside is that I work days.  Its great for the kids but for me, its been a pain in the butt.  I work from 8 to 5.  Which makes the night go by so quickly. After supper, playing and baths, its already 10pm and then I have laundry and homework to do.

Homework.....yep still in college. I am on my third set of classes since starting last fall. We go all summer long and soon I will graduate! And it is so much cheaper than going to a four year school. I love college and really glad that I did this!

Kids are doing great. Damon has been playing soccer this spring. He loves it and really is good!! We have games every Saturday morning and his final game is on May 22nd.  That is the day after he graduates from Kindergarten!!!! WOW my baby is growing up!  He will be seven this year and its crazy to think that seven years go this month we found out we were expecting. I still remember the phone call I made to my mother in law. I had to call her from work in Sioux City to tell her cause I was afraid she would be mad. Seven years later and four grandkids later, she is still as happy as that first day she held Damon.

Liliann finishes preschool in a few weeks. I know I will cry. Her teacher has been in our "family" since Damon had her last year. She has been nothing but an angel and we are blessed to have had her in our children's lives. She is amazing and I wish that every kid could have a teacher like her. This world would be a much better place if all teachers had her positive teaching ideas and her amazing attitude!! I will miss her very much.  Lili had her school program...I plan on doing a blog post just about that, because it was soooo awesome!!

Ryan got a new bike. Well...not new, but he traded a friend.  His friend wanted a bike for his wife so he gave Ryan his big bike and Ryan got rid of his smaller one. So now we have a nice big bike that is roomy and rides like a dream. We've only really ridden once this year, it still hasn't really warmed up enough to ride yet.

And....let's see.............what else.....oh yea....I am matched again for a surrogacy journey. After everything that happened before Christmas, I really never thought I would get a chance to do this again.  I let many people down and felt like maybe it would never happen. But the surrogacy bug has bitten down and won't let go. So I did some soul searching, had some very long talks with Ryan and we decided that if I do this, it will be the last time. SO I rushed online and talked to some people and found myself with a great agency. They sent me a profile of a set of IF's and we have been talking ever since. They are great guys and I can't wait to make them daddies!!!!

That seems to be it for now...gotta get some homework done.....

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