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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lili is seven!

Seven years ago, I went in at 6:30 in the morning for my scheduled c-section. I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second child.  The c-section went well and my daughter was born.  My husband cut the cord and ever since, she has been the light of our life.  For four days, I sat and cuddled with her in the hospital, while watching Hurricane Katrina tear apart the gulf coast.  I remember thinking to myself, so many people are dying, and here I just brought new life into this world.  We brought our daughter home and began our lives as a family of four.

Now seven years later, she is still the light of our lives. She is growing up so quickly, it scares me to think in 10 years she will be graduating and moving out. It's crazy to think that she will be an adult, dating, college and everything else that goes with becoming an adult. I look at her now and think it can't be possible.  But as I sit and think back, I remember things from when I was seven years old. I remember moving to a new school, having my first communion, and I even remember the teacher I had at the new elementary school I went to.

My daughter hasn't ever had to move, or make new friends. But she has had plenty of new things come into her life in the last few years. She started dance classes and fell in love with the sport. She loves to tumble and dance. This year we started her in tumbling full time, as well as jazz and hip hop. She is excited to start practice in a couple of weeks and already has been practicing at home.

We got her a new bike for her birthday this year, a real big girl bike. It has pegs and only hand brakes. She has already mastered using those instead of normal brakes like on her little girl bike.

For her party this year she wanted a Justin Beiber thing. Another moment that brought back memories for me. I remember being a huge New Kids on the Block fan at her age. I remember loving Jordan Knight, and singing all of their songs. I watch her as she dances around the room to Justin's songs and laugh to myself thinking how similar we are.

She is my mini-me without a doubt. She is beautiful and smart, funny and talented. I just hope she keeps her head on straight and goes for her goals. I hope she doesn't settle and take was it laid in front of her without challenging it. I hope she continues with dance and tumbling and uses it to further herself in life. I want her to go to college and become something amazing. Even if it means her having to leave home and not be close by. I want her to be happy no matter where she is. I want her to travel, and meet new people. And most of all, I want her to stay my little girl, even if only in passing moments. I want to be able to get a hug and feel that she truly is happy.  Those are my wishes for her.  And hopefully as a parent, I can do everything in my power to make them come true.

Happy Birthday Lili. I hope you get everything you dreamed of and more. We love you and always will, no matter what!

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