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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

National American Miss


Hi, my name is Liliann Jones. I am 7 years old and a 2nd grader at my local elementary school. I just learned that I was chosen as a state finalist for the National American Miss pageant in my home state of Iowa. The pageant will be held the first weekend in April.

Now, I know you hear the word pageant and think Toddlers and Tiaras. But this is the exact opposite of that! This pageant focuses on community service, public speaking, formal wear (poise and posture), and my introduction speech.

There are fun things too, like photogenic contests, talent, top model and others. Feel free to read up on the Pageant and all the good it does for its participants at

In order to go to the state finals in April, I have to raise my fees myself.

As a potential sponsor, you are being asked to help Liliann participate in the program by providing a portion of the sponsor fee for her.  As a sponsor, you or your organization will be featured beside her photo in the state program book.  The sponsor fee is tax deductible for businesses as an advertising expense.  On average, Sponsors donate anywhere from $10.00 - $50.00. Every dollar is so very much appreciated.

To break everything down for you that she would like to get:
$440 is the total for the fee to enter the pageant
$50 fee per entry for talent (2 entries)
$50 fee per entry for casual wear (1 entry)
$50 fee per entry for photogenic (4 entries)
$175 fee for top modeling (this includes a professional photo shoot, in which she will be judged on how she does with the shoot, how she acts when given directions, and how well she enjoys being photographed)--it also includes a full CD of all the pictures for us to take home!

We need all the help we can get to send her to this! It is her dream and passion, and as her family, we want to give her the boost up in the world to help her in her future. Thank you! 

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