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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where did summer go?

It amazes me that we are already in the last week of August. The kids have been in school for almost a full two weeks and the leaves are already starting to lose their deep green color. I work in the manufacturing industry, our company builds boat trailers. The production teams are down to 32 hours a week. And I sit here and think, where in the world did summer go?

I think that maybe we were just so busy that it flew by, but as I look back, we didn't really do that much this summer. We had no vacations, no traveling, nothing that really took a lot of time to make it go fast. As a child, I remember summer being the best time of the year. No bedtime, no school, and swimming every day. We would stay up late with our friends in the back yard playing kick the can or hide and seek. But as an adult, my days are filled with work, and my nights filled with laundry and dishes.  For the month of June, we had baseball. Lili had a few fun things during the month of July. And August has been filled with birthdays, school starting and illness. Both of the kids were sick this month, Lili with yet another ear infection and Damon had the flu.

I can't believe that next week will be the beginning of September. Lili will turn 6 on Wednesday and school pictures are already being taken.  I really can't believe that summer is almost gone. There were things I still wanted to do. More camping trips I wanted to take and more vacations I wanted to take the kids on. There are national parks I want to see, oceans I want to walk in and beaches I want to lay on. I guess those dreams will have to wait yet another year.  So let's break down the last few months of summer:

June----filled with baseball games and hotdogs! We had a lot of fun watching Damon play a few times a week and improve on his skills as a baseball player.

July---filled with beauty and poise. We had so much fun watching Liliann grow as a person, walk across a stage in front of people and dance her heart out. She did such an amazing job at both the Little Miss Heritage Days contest as well as the Miss Ida County Princess pageant. She had a blast at both and here is to hoping next year brings a crown!

August---birthdays, school supplies and laughs.  The first week of August we celebrated my 28th birthday by spending the day at Adventureland P ark in Des Moines. We stayed at the hotel and had a great Mexican supper.  Then came the first day of school, followed by celebrating Lili's 6th birthday out at Moorehead park.

Well, now that summer is almost coming to a close, I guess it's time to say hello to fall. Time to get ready for football, dance and wrestling!!!! Thinking that as an adult, fall may be my favorite season yet!

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